BLACKXCHANGE was created by a group of young professionals and entrepreneurs who were searching for a networking hub of Black professionals nationwide. Oftentimes that search proved unsuccessful. was founded so that the business, internet and general communities would have a central location to learn about Black products and services, exchange helpful information and network with top professionals and organizations.

Our goal at is to assist everyone in networking effectively within the Black community and to provide vital information that will increase one's business faculty. We also wish to enhance business for members wanting to attract more customers, brand awareness or more money to their product or service! can be your wealth magnet by providing diverse, inexpensive services such as: effective banner advertising, targeted internet commercial advertising, useful marketing tools and tips, and other valuable business amenities that will help one's finances grow!

No matter how large or small your product or service, is an essential guide to networking with the Black community.

Learn. Grow. Xchange.