I think your web site is wonderful and I was happy to sign-up. I wish you much success and please tell me if there is anything I can do to help.
Best regards...Cal S

You've all done a great job forming the site! Keep up the good work. ;-)

I extend to you a most heartfelt thank you for offering your service. I was referred several weeks ago by someone named Anthony who I do not recall meeting or knowing. Nevertheless, I explored your site and in less than two minutes after being there, I joined.

This is almost the next best secret on the internet. I would like to do my part to help spread the word.
Etienne A. G, MSW

I am very grateful for you starting such an exchange. When I read about it in today's paper I couldn't wait to join. I just recently got my notary commission, and I am in the process of getting set up.
Jennifer B

I have read your story in the Bee today. I am so proud of your Business, that I had to write to you. What a team you have. After looking through your Web site, I am so impressed with what you have done. I feel such Joy in my heart.
God Bless Sue C

I just want to wish you much success in your business' now and going into the future. Keep doin' it!!

Emoru F

Thank you for taking on this challenge much much success.
Thanks Again,
Joseph J

The BlackXchange network is a great idea and it appears to be headed down the road of success congratulations.
Jane J

I just wanted to congratulate you on The Black Exchange! Wonderful concept and i see it is very successful! I will do all that i can to show you support and promote this site!!
Denise V

Black Xchange is a great website. A few months ago they sent me an award for supporting black businesses and it was my very first award of that kind so it really meant a lot to me.

Have a blessed day.
Connie W

Love the vision, purpose and intent of your company. I signed up today.
Lee C

I have posted a profile on your site. Thank you for
provide us with another avenue to market our business.
Peace and Blessings,
Terry S

This site that u have put your true heart and spirit in to has really made a serious impact on alot of people in this industry. Iam a striving tattoo artist and lamp worker and would love to put some of my art work on your site. yah love

Thank you so much for the add. This is a wonderful thing for those of us on the come up. Thank you for starting such a wonderful system.

Thanks man that is a real good thing that you are doing and I hope to be part of the movement. At times it is hard for an Africian American to get ahead. With me it is just a matter of time and any support I can get besides God, myself, and my family is great. Again I appreciate what you are doing.

Dear Dwayne and the Family....

Just a quick note to thank you for representing such excellence at this weekend's Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show. I was sooooooooooo impressed and inspired by you entire FAMILY! I am encouraged and inspired by how you set the bar of excellence higher -- for us all to aspire to! You're all just the BOMB and a half! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for representin' with EXCELLENCE!

May you continue to enjoy God's richest and most abundant blessings.

With deep respect,


Hello Dwayne! I love your website! Thank you for creating another site that individuals, particularly, African Americans could connect and research other businesses.



Brother Dwayne:

I am proud to see a Brother taking care of business like you are and giving our community, especially the youth, something to strive towards.